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How To Use Point Of Sale And Marketing To Grow Your Income

There are different ways to grow your income in a business. In addition to offers, discounts, and advertising actions to attract a larger audience, it is very important to have a point-of-sale system for marketing that facilitates the processes.

Surely you already know what a POS system is, but if you are clear, enter the article for more details. Through a POS solution for marketing, your hospitality establishment or retail business could have a tool that helps you obtain a greater amount of income. Would you like to know how POS software can help you in marketing?

Marketing at the point of sale: The space of your store

Marketing actions are not solely to attract new customers to your store or a physical establishment. They can also be carried out inside your establishment since not all customers will spend the same once they have entered your business. In addition, if we are talking about a retail business, it is also possible that the exit without a purchase occurs.

It would be best if you kept in mind that point-of-sale software can be one of the solutions to get customers to spend more and increase the purchase ticket. Thus, with a POS marketing solution, you can manage your customer loyalty program and carry out cross-selling or up-selling actions to get your buyers to spend a little more and increase your income.

Not all outlets are designed to integrate into your marketing strategy. There are tools that simply serve to manage the collection and do not offer you more features. With a solution like Tilby Software POS, you would be fine because it is designed so that you have marketing functions, discount systems, and customer loyalty.

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What is the importance of marketing at the point of sale?

If you are wondering what POS is in marketing, you have probably already realized that the moment your potential client approaches the checkout to pay is crucial. This happens at all levels, both in physical establishments and online stores, since the checkout page is like the counter, where the customer already knows what to pay and where to click. To finalize the purchase.

Marketing at the point of sale is very important for various reasons. One of them is that the customer is already in “purchase mode”; that is, they are predisposed to buy a product and are confident enough to buy and pay for it. That customer is giving us a good “feeling,” so it is important to take advantage of the moment to try to increase revenue.

This can occur in different types of situations since each business is different. For example, in a retail store or a bar-restaurant where you have self-service kiosks, you must offer options that allow them to solve their need from the moment the customer walks through the door. You may need to see the catalogue or menu with everything you offer, the prices, and the payment methods.

This is the same when it comes to an online store. One hopes that at the precise moment of entering the store, you can find a place where you are informed of the shipping costs, delivery time, payment methods, etc. The point of sale is, therefore, where many of the customer’s doubts about their relationship with your restaurant, business, or any establishment we are discussing are resolved.

Marketing actions at the point of sale

There are several marketing actions that you can carry out at the point of sale, that is, the place where you will charge your customers, whether it is the checkout of an online store or the cash register in your restaurant, bar, or cafeteria. You can manage this when you have POS solutions for companies that are valid for your physical establishments and online business. Let’s see what they are:

POS Terminal

The Point of Sale terminal is a very important element for marketing. When you have a mobile and tactile POS, your waiters can move throughout the establishment and inform you in detail about the menus and products you have in your business.

A good POS software system includes not only the products or menus in your restaurants or establishments. It also allows you to have a complete customer database, where you can record the discounts associated with each customer and follow up on loyalty cards, which can be used both online and offline. In this way, you can use your POS terminal so that your customers consume more or make a purchase thanks to the offers, discounts, or gifts that the tool allows you to make.

Self-service kiosk

Self-service kiosks in your restaurants, cafeterias, or bars are another form of marketing to attract more customers. The main objective of these tools is to lighten queues, so your customers will wait less. You are thus eliminating one of the factors that may lead customers to spend less: not knowing the offer you have in detail and making their decision in a hurry because there are people waiting.

With a self-service kiosk, the customer can have a complete view of all your restaurant’s offers. You can also offer them little extras to add to their order or offer them to buy an alternative premium product compatible with a cross-selling and up-selling strategy.

Contactless payments

Finally, remember that the payment method is another way to convince your customers to spend more. If people know that they can pay with their card or mobile, they will be reassured about whether or not they will have enough cash to make the expense they had in mind.

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