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How To Position Your Podcast In Apple Podcast Charts [Algorithm]

In this article, we’re going to look at the ins and outs of the algorithm that Apple Podcast Charts uses to decide who are the most popular podcasts in each category.

If you have a podcast or are planning to do one, you will be very interested in this article because we will see how the Apple Podcast algorithm works in depth.

I will tell you a series of tips and tricks that will come in handy to position your Podcast as high as possible.

1. How does the Apple Podcast Charts algorithm work?

The first thing you have to know is that the Apple Podcast Charts algorithm is very changeable, and you will see that the position of your podcast channel changes constantly, so do not be discouraged because it is normal.

The algorithm favours the visibility of newly created podcasts by boosting this new channel. Still, they will fall because it will take into account other indicators.

Apple Podcast Charts shows the 200 most popular podcasts for each category.

A few months ago, it only showed the top 20, but now it has expanded its listings, giving greater visibility to a more significant number of channels.

You must check that your podcast channel is well categorized and that you have it in the category in which you are interested in positioning.

2. How to position your Podcast in Apple Podcast Charts

Now we will see the tips and tricks to position your Podcast at the Top of the Apple Podcast.

1. Choice of the name: The Apple Podcast algorithm is somewhat primitive and considers that the choice of the name includes the partial or total word of the name of the category in which you want to rank it.

Name example: School Marketing and Web Category: Marketing.

It costs nothing to include your name or brand name next to a keyword in the same category.

2. Thumbnail design: You have to think that you will position yourself on Apple Podcast; your thumbnail has to look perfect and be adapted to mobile devices.

Use a large image, if you are a personal podcast, so that your face can be seen well.

And also, choose a huge font size so that the name of the Podcast or the topic you want to include in text format is read.

Try viewing it with your mobile to see how you see the thumbnail in the Apple podcast in case you need to increase the size of the text or image.

It is essential that Podcast listeners find you quickly and that what you put as text captures their attention.

3. Reviews and Ratings: Remember that you can position your channel in several Apple Podcast countries, so for each target country, we have to try to get reviews and ratings from our listeners.

The fastest and most direct way to get reviews may be to use Whatsapp with the direct link.

If the person has an iOS mobile device, they can leave a review through iTunes in the desktop version.

You can start by asking for a review from close people, friends, family, etc., but you can also ask interviewees for a favour a few days after posting their interview on the channel.

According to Apple Podcast, reviews aren’t a natural element of the algorithm, but they help you understand the quality and popularity of the show, so I think you should take them into account.

4. User interaction: How listeners engage with your episodes is an indicator of popularity, so Apple Podcast considers people who download, save, and stream the episode.

In this way, we have to think of actions that help us encourage interactions with users; it can be with a call to action at the end of the episode, for example.

How do you think that we can encourage this interaction?

5. Monitoring of the Podcast: Another indicator is the number of people who follow a specific program or Podcast.

If you have a list of subscribers you frequently send emails to, you can send them your show so that they start following you and listening to your new episodes.

You can also use social networks and share your episodes on YouTube…

6. Rate of listeners who listen to the full episode: The number of listeners who listen to the entire episode also gives it great weight in terms of popularity.

Really? Can people listen to the entire episode without kicking it? Yes, Apple also rewards it.

That’s why I prefer quality over quantity and that the people who listen to my episodes stay until the end.

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3. Final Tips to work and position your Podcast

We are going to end this article with some suggestions to help you position your Podcast:

Posting frequency: Although it does not affect the Apple Podcast algorithm, I wanted to put it to eliminate the doubt about what frequency you should choose in your Podcast.

Of course, I recommend that once you choose your publication frequency, keep it.

This way, you get your listeners used, and they will be more expectant of your new episodes.

The most popular and best-performing frequency right now is one episode a week.

Methodology: You can choose between a short program as a training or entertainment pill, an interview, or you can also do a mix of both as I do.

For example, I publish the interview on Mondays and the training episode on Thursdays.

These are the days that I have decided to publish, and with that Methodology, now it’s up to you to decide.

Launch your Podcast: It is very important to make a public presentation of this new channel, so prepare a launch on all channels to make it known.

I advise you to use your social networks and send an email to your subscriber database.

As I told you at the beginning, the launch is a significant handicap to quickly position yourself by starting in the top positions of Apple Podcast.

Make entertaining programs: Remember that one of the objectives of a podcast is learning but, above all, entertainment.

So if you conduct interviews, try to bring out the funniest site of the interviewee or the person.

Ideally, listeners discover things they did not know, always with a close and spontaneous tone.

For example, I usually ask my interviewees: “How much do you earn?” or questions of that type that I know will not answer me, but I do it to catch them and generate a little humour and fun moments during the interview.

Take advantage of the Novelty bonus: Apple Podcast gives your new Podcast a boost if it’s new, so take advantage of that push to put all the meat on the grill and get to the Top of the Apple Podcast and not get off it.

I have seen podcasts that, in their starting week, have been positioned in the top 10 of their category, then over time, they can drop down, but without a doubt, we should take advantage of that initial boost that it gives you.

Get interviews on other podcasts: Make your Podcast known by getting other professional podcasters in your sector to interview you and thus make it known more quickly.

Carry out an analysis of the best positioned in each country and contact them to see if they are interested in chatting with you in one of their episodes.

Analyze blog articles from the best podcasts in your sector: Analyze the best-positioned articles in your sector with listings or a selection of podcasts, and contact them to include your Podcast in the list.

Now enter the Google search engine as an incognito and search for the best podcasts + your sector or category.

In addition to getting visibility and traffic for your Podcast, you will have qualified links to increase the authority of your web domain.

I recommend that you create an Excel document with the podcasts and the status of whether you have contacted them, they have added the Podcast, etc.

In this way, you will keep track of your actions.

Monetize your Podcast: There are different ways to monetize the Podcast.

The main one is the affiliation of third parties, that is, recommending services or products of other people, but you can also get sponsors of the program or a specific episode.

Each podcaster sets the rates for these sponsorships based on the number of listeners and their data.

You must also review the Apple Podcast regulations to avoid violating some of its guidelines that could lead to the closure or cancellation of your program.

Finally, I leave this capture with the Top in the Apple podcast digital marketing category in case you want to follow these fantastic programs.

4. Is it clear to you how to position your Podcast?

I sincerely hope these tips help you rank your Podcast very high on Apple Podcast.

I am still a “little grasshopper” in the podcaster world, but I wanted to share everything I have learned in a few months with you.

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