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How To Place Your eCommerce Site In The First Google Results?

Electronic commerce is currently a tool that opens up a wide range of possibilities for business, thanks to the ease of access to the Internet. It represents support that allows attracting and serving potential customers from anywhere in the world.

Learning how to place your online store in the first results of Google through an SEO strategy for eCommerce is vital to guarantee the success of any venture.

Ecommerce and its importance in Google

Currently, companies use the Internet to have an information page about their products or services. Still, it is also a business tool with wide development possibilities and in which potential customers are captured who make their purchases online. Through this, The same means make payments, allowing them to get everything they need without leaving home.

It proves that great success can be achieved with good SEO work for eCommerce, which must be coordinated/carried out by professionals who work to achieve an attractive image for any company from the first moment, which captures users’ attention. And motivate them to make their purchases in the virtual store with the best positioning on the web.

The success or failure of any business can be defined by whether or not it is visible on Google; Since according to studies carried out in this field, it has been shown that at least 20% of the people who search this platform do not go beyond the second page.

This means that if a company is not positioned on the first page for a certain search, it will be completely invisible or null for potential buyers, who will choose the products in the first place.

Place your eCommerce in the first Google results

Starting from the idea that eCommerce is a door that allows entry to the world of online business to which millions of people who search for companies located in the first three results of Google have access to satisfy their needs, your business must be one of those who occupies this privileged position to achieve success.

This is possible through a good SEO strategy that increases the traffic of the target audience for them to become potential customers and retain them with your company.

Among the best strategies to place your eCommerce in the first Google results, the following can be mentioned:

Optimize your website

It uses a design that is attractive and functional and allows users to easily enter, with categories and segments within which they can search for the products they need in just a few steps.

Offer them quality images

It has descriptive images and videos to learn a little more about any item before buying it.

Of course, do not forget that they should not weigh more than 100 kb to avoid loading them too long.

Write the title and description of the products offered

In addition to other details such as advantages, ways of use and more, the future buyer has a clear idea about what he is going to buy.

Create quality content

It was targeted specifically at what a buyer may be interested in, with no frills or fillers. This will only waste time or get discouraged about the idea of ​​buying, heading to any other page that is more precise or direct about its contents.

Incentivize users

Offer them promotions, guides and advice, as well as advice for all those products they purchase within your online store.

Keep a close eye on the behaviour of your eCommerce

Make sure to evaluate the daily visits, the length of stay of the users and the number of purchases made to determine if you are on the right track.

Work the product sheets with interesting keywords

With clear and precise product sheets that quickly identify the product’s characteristics, you are going to buy. Please take the opportunity to include links that take them to other pages that may also be of interest to them.

Work your image within social networks to take advantage of them and only index those elements that you want to rank, placing in the meta tag only what Google should consider to avoid wasting time and taking users to pages other than your interest.

These are some of the tips that you can implement. However, to obtain the best benefits, it will always be interesting to have expert professionals who help you define a strategy for your eCommerce and execute it.

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