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How To Increase NFC Security On Android: Basic Tips

Wireless connectivity has opened up a universe of possibilities, from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth and the very versatile NFC connection. Having this technology requires us to be cautious against data theft or scams, which is why, in this post, we leave you some essential tips to increase security if you use an Android device.

NFC connectivity is actually very secure; This is a close contact connection. That is, it is necessary to have the device a few centimetres away from the other: a dataphone, a magnetic door… Therefore, it allows us to be aware of the use we give to the terminal.

But NFC continues to be an invisible bridge between our mobile phones and other devices, hence the need to increase security to avoid intrusions from third parties and our privacy being violated. The security of these connections depends on technological robustness, but we can enhance security by configuring some critical aspects of the NFC connection of our mobile phones.

How to make the NFC on your mobile phone more secure

We can always go a step further and ensure that we shield access from third parties by configuring specific settings that are within reach. In this list, you will find some tips to strengthen the NFC of your mobile.

Activate Secure NFC

Android smartphones offer us some exciting options for controlling NFC connectivity. One of them is Secure NFC, a setting that increases the security of this connection. Its objective is that the NFC is only activated when the mobile is unlocked, so no one can try to steal from you, even if they bring your device close to its NFC chip.

This option can be activated from the NFC Settings on your phone. It is usually found in the Connection options. You can also search the Options menu.

Do not activate NFC if it is not necessary.

As is recommended with other connections such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it is advisable to deactivate NFC when not in use and activate it only when using it, For example, when we are going to pay for a purchase. This is the fastest and most efficient way to increase the security of the NFC connection on our mobile.

Swipe from the top of the screen to bring up the quick access icons and tap the NFC icon to deactivate it. In addition to increasing security, you will save battery life.

Use trusted apps

Use NFC with trusted and secure applications, especially when making mobile payments. Platforms such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay have their own security and encryption systems to prevent data leakage.

Permission settings

Make sure your app requests the necessary NFC permissions. This also includes browsing permissions if you are using online services. Do not grant NFC access to dubious applications or those where access to that connectivity does not make sense, for example, when installing a game that would typically not require this technology at all.

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