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How Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits Companies

In a market with so much competition, standing out is one of the main objectives of companies, whether large, medium or small. Having a presence on the internet is key to achieving this. Having a page on the internet is not enough. You have to get a good web optimization that allows you to generate traffic that translates into sales. To achieve this, you may have to go to the professional services of an online marketing agency in your city. They are familiar with the digital marketing market and, especially, with the conversion rate achieved through the CRO.

What is the CRO?

It is a set of actions and techniques focused on increasing conversions without the need to receive more visits than usual on your website. For example, if your website gets an average of 100 visits per day, of which four buy, your conversion rate is 0.4%. The goal of the CRO would be to increase the number of customers who buy without the need to increase the number of visits.

Although this term sounds like something new to us, the truth is that it has always been practiced in a less digital or more obsolete way. For example, supermarkets continue to do this by strategically placing their products on the shelves. This way, they increase profits by making the most of each client’s visits. Who has not been surprised to see the tomato sauce next to the pasta while the rest of the sauces are on the other side of the supermarket? The idea is clear.

How to apply the CRO in your company

Therefore, at this point, we can say that the CRO is essential for any company that wants to apply digital marketing techniques. It is about knowing the interactions of users who enter your website and taking advantage of them to start and finish their purchases. Now, the million dollar question: how is it done? In 6 phases:

  • Research: All the information on the web is studied and analyzed to get to know our target audience better and try to recognize their problems and solve them. You will surely notice that many visitors abandon the cart with products, so it is necessary to analyze why and fix it.
  • Creation of hypotheses: Finding why some users do not buy is not something that can be achieved overnight. You have to go little by little and consider various scenarios, starting with the one considered most real or important.
  • Tests and tests will be made with the hypotheses raised.
  • Test developments: Once the test to be put into practice has been chosen, results will be measured to carry out various tests.
  • Evaluation of the results to consider whether the process is lengthened or the strategy needs to be changed.
  • Continuous improvement: It is about continuously monitoring the web to continue finding things to improve.

The CRO is essential to increase the sales of your online company without investing more in your website. Find a marketing agency that will help you achieve your goals and get to work.

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