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Free Google Listings To Boost Your E-commerce

If you have an online store, you will be aware of the importance of Shopping campaigns to boost your sales because appearing correctly on Google is essential within your digital marketing strategy because the customer will click on your ad, go to the cart and buy your products.

But do you know what is the best? You will be able to increase the visibility of your products in the search engine, attract more customers and sell more organically thanks to free Google listings. This feature will display the products of your online store on the different “Google surfaces.”

Are you interested in knowing more about it? Continue reading! At the end of the post, you will know how to improve your e-commerce and how to have free Google listings.

What are free Google listings?

Google’s free listings are the organic results of your e-commerce products that are shown to users on various search engine platforms and help to have greater visibility to sell them more easily. Therefore, Google shows your products and web page where you offer them without paying anything!

It should be noted that there is a degree of ignorance to differentiate free Google listings from paid results, knowing how they work and analyzing their performance. However, merchants using this feature will appear in all placements without spending much money, but in a secondary position compared to paid ads.

In any case, don’t you think it’s worth appearing on Google without having to pay? We will tell you how to do it! Keep in mind that the products shown for free, for specific searches and locations, will depend on their importance.

To use Google’s free product listings, the main requirement is to have a website with an e-commerce platform so that customers can buy online. Later, you need to create a Google Merchant Center account (totally free).

On the other hand, you will have to verify that the product you are selling is active in your country and share the items from your online store with Google; this is done within the Google Merchant Center account, known as the “Product Feed.”

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How to improve my online store with free Google listings?

Taking into account the main objective, to sell, we are going to see what are the main features to improve your online store with free Google listings and increase ROI.

  • Headline: the title of the products should not give rise to error. It must be descriptive, clear, and concise (limited to 150 characters). Here it would help if you considered that it must be unique, with the correct language, and include the keywords.
  • Description: explains the main characteristics of articles with annotations that add value to the user. Do it neutrally, informing about the functionalities but not promoting it.
  • Images: Be careful, with a white background and a good perspective, showing only the product you offer. You can also add complementary images.
  • Product categorization: also known as the “product taxonomy.” To make it easier for users to find our products, they must be correctly categorized both in the online store and at the Google level.
  • Availability: it offers all the updated information, in this case, if we have the products in stock and they can be sent as soon as the user places the order or, on the contrary, if they will take longer than usual because they are out of stock. It is also essential to include the estimated shipping time.
  • Price and shipping: a good Google listing, accompanied by a low price, will make you sell more, considering the cost of shipping and VAT. You can also stand out with the “offer” label, a very useful strategy to draw attention to your competitors.

Where are free Google listings displayed?

Free business listings on Google can appear in various parts of the search engine as long as they meet the requirements mentioned above. Users will be able to see the products of your online store in:

Shopping tab

Thanks to the Shopping tab, users can enjoy a visual experience when searching for products like yours and being redirected to your website to complete the purchase.

This option is available for both mobiles and computers, and you can add store hours, location, phone number, availability, price, and approximate distance.

Google search

Rich results: When users start a search on Google, rich results can appear alongside the search results. They are a few short lines of information about the items: price, availability, and reviews to offer more valuable data.

Popular products (clothes and accessories): more visible results. Users can access many brands and businesses and click on links to get more information.

Shopping information panel: search box that organizes the information of a specific item, including details, reviews, and offers.

Google images

Customers can search for products on Google Images that will find them with the tag “product,” indicating that they can be purchased. They will also find prices, availability, ratings, and brand information.


While users are watching a video on YouTube, a list of products they can buy may appear. When searching for a specific product, they may find articles that coincide in their search results with yours, so your products may appear in the results of what they are looking for.

Set up an accessible business listing on Google from scratch

Do you dare to have an accessible business listing on Google? These are the steps you must follow!:

Organic Google Shopping Settings

It can be done through:

  • Google Merchant: in the “Select Destinations” section, activate “Free Tokens.”
  • Structured Data on our website: in this case, the products will be automatically displayed in the free tabs.

Attributes of the Organic Product Files

There are two types of tokens:

Standard tokens: with essential attributes

  • Yo hice]
  • title [title]
  • link [link]
  • image_link [image_link]
  • price [price]
  • availability [availability]

Improved tokens: additional attributes

  • description [description]
  • availability [availability]
  • condition [condition] —> for used or refurbished products
  • brand [brand]
  • GTIN [gtin]
  • mpn [mpn] —> required if there is no GTIN
  • multipack [multipack] —> if applicable
  • is_bundle [is_bundle] —> if applicable
  • colour [colour] —> for clothing and accessories
  • size [size] —> for clothing and accessories
  • age_group [age] —> for clothing and accessories
  • gender [sex] —> for clothing and accessories

All Google platforms constantly evolve and show more and more rich results, so all websites must continually adapt to changes.

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