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Chatbots: The Best Automatic Vendors For Your E-commerce

What better allies than chatbots when it comes to boosting your sales fast and automatedly than chatbots? Whether it’s a keyword chatbot, a natural language processing (NPL/NLP) chatbot, or a hybrid, there’s no better way to catalyze your profits and save time and resources, from end to end, within the buying journey! The clients!

How can a chatbot increase the sales of your e-commerce?

It is possible to strengthen your up-selling and cross-selling techniques and strategies by developing, training and implementing an AI chatbot or even a simpler keyword chatbot.

There are many functions that an eCommerce chatbot can provide for you and your business, and here we highlight some of the main ones:

1. Physical addressing towards a purchase

It is possible to suggest nearby stores, points of sale and branches based on the location shared by the customer via important conversational channels such as WhatsApp Business. Learn the best practices to develop effective WhatsApp chatbots and not die trying.

It is important to note that, although the virtual universe has been gaining ground within e-commerce and all other industries -especially after the changes in consumer behaviour with the appearance of COVID-19-the experiences offered in physical spaces still have not lost validity.

For this reason, if your e-commerce is linked to physical points, in one way or another, a chatbot could be like that bridge between the physical and the digital. Click here to download our free whitepaper and immerse yourself in the concept that is taking over the commercial world: Phygital.

2. Personalized and chatbot-driven purchase recommendations, promotions, offers and discounts

Here is an alternative to create greater loyalty from your most loyal customers and increase your conversion rate. As customers, it has happened to all of us that, although many times we do not have in mind to make a purchase, suddenly and without warning, a juicy and irresistible offer crosses our path, and it is almost impossible to get it out of our heads. Has it happened to you? Who does not?

A conversational chatbot is a perfect tool to offer customers promotions and discounts that are truly attractive to them by starting with an automatic offer personalization process.

In other words: by having access to the profile and history of each customer in terms of demographics and interactions, searches and purchase of products, your chatbot will be able to offer products and bargains adjusted to the tastes, needs and particularities of each one.

Many times e-commerce, marketplaces or virtual stores have discounts that are not available in physical stores. Your chatbot will be the spokesperson for this differentiation, and, best of all, it will deliver your message in record time in a natural, fluid and personalized way.

Tip: a good practice is to make recommendations based on questions asked by your chatbot. After all, it is easier to make purchase suggestions when -from the outset- we understand what the customer is looking for. Therefore, a multiple-choice chatbot will allow you to filter your clients’ answers to hit the mark!

3. Management of the shopping cart by clarifying doubts about products and services

Many reasons lead a customer to abandon products in the virtual shopping cart (e.g. the shipping costs 49%, very late delivery 19%, little trust in the website 17%, etc.). Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent cart abandonment, one of which is through eCommerce chatbots.

What happens when a person goes to a physical store and is unsure whether to buy something or not? It happens that a physical advisor clarifies all the doubts that this person may have regarding the product in question, highlighting much of its differential value. In this order of ideas, thinking about -for example- developing a frequently asked questions (FAQs) chatbot through which your users can clear up all their concerns regarding delivery times, payment methods, and others is a great idea!

4. Monitoring and notification of the status of an order in progress

According to a study requested by Infobip from IDC and conducted in Latin America, security is one of the issues that most concerns people when making online purchases from e-commerce stores. The data speaks for itself: for 68% of those surveyed, their greatest fear is of being victims of fraud.

Monitoring an order will make your customers confident that their purchase will arrive at their doorstep.

Likewise, 65% of those surveyed revealed that they buy from a brand again due to a good experience, which they define under the following parameters:

  • Fast navigation,
  • Easy to use,
  • Product availability
  • Accompaniment of the order

If you think about it, a keyword chatbot could replace the cost of having to hire more and more staff to handle the thousands of questions that can arise within each ongoing order.

Now, you must bear in mind that nothing causes greater dissatisfaction in the client and harms their experience more than failures with an address (delivery times that are not met, products delivered in poor condition, wrong delivery addresses, etc.). For this reason, it is important that your chatbots can interpret the intentions and possible emotions of your users to transfer them to more experienced human agents who can handle more complex support cases or those in which the customer’s annoyance is significant for X or And reason.

With Answers, our chatbot development platform, it is possible to design and implement automated virtual assistants for your eCommerce capable of transferring support cases to physical agents in a very fluid and efficient way. The result? Greater customer satisfaction.

5. Increased conversion rates from 24/7 availability and more excellent Service agility

Time is money, especially for those new generations who -as is the case of the Alpha Generation- being digital natives, are accustomed to the immediacy and demand it within their purchasing experiences and interaction with brands.

When it comes to 24/7 availability, chatbots allow your users to access self-service systems anytime, anywhere. What better way to prevent your eCommerce from having excessively high bounce rates than by constantly inviting self-management and immediacy?

6. Generation of quality leads through a unified and omnichannel customer database

It is possible to generate a substantial list of potential customers through chatbots. For example, your company could use a chatbot that, through sharing quotation forms, can intuit which potential customers are or are not in a position to pay for a particular product or Service at a standard price.

Keep in mind that, additionally, a chatbot could track potential leads that have interacted with your brand through any of your channels, starting from a unified and, therefore, omnichannel database.

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