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Folding Phones: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Their Design

The smartphone market is changing drastically. On the one hand, we have what we could call “traditional” —we are talking about screens between 6 and 7 inches— and the “new revolution,” the folding mobile phones that are gradually appearing. One of the most recurring questions is: is it worth buying a flip phone? Here we tell you the most notable advantages and disadvantages of this design.

Folding or traditional mobile?

You may have thought this when comparing the latest generation terminals on the market. And although there are no differences beyond the aesthetic, there is much to write about.

Folding mobiles are nothing more than a change in the design of this technology which today is unattainable for many.

An obvious sign of how technology advances are to see new models’ prices. But let’s go in parts and see the differences between a folding phone and a classic one.

The benefits of folding phones

First of all, there are two types of closure to choose from: you can go for the shell type, which closes across the width of the terminal, or the book type, whose fold passes through the height of the device.

With this, the screen division is divided into two well-differentiated parts that help to use the mobile in more different ways.

Cutting edge design

As for components, they have the power to use the most demanding apps. But this difference is also important since, depending on the closure, the lid becomes more or less functional.

Taking the latest Samsung terminals as a reference, we find these differences, which show us a small information screen in the case of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and a fully functional display in the Galaxy Fold 4.

Thinking about productivity

Of course, inside, they give us much more work and viewing space, while in the case of traditional mobiles, we talk about screens that are often the ones that “enter through the eyes” and that you can handle as you want.

Big on power

As far as the interior is concerned, if we compare them with high-end phones, we will find devices capable of everything.

Playing in the highest quality, watching videos in high resolution without any problem, and having a large screen that fits in your pocket are really attractive things. However, this is nothing you cannot do with a conventional smartphone.

However, they have more space on the screen with which it is possible to organize better and work in multitasking. And when it comes to writing, they are very comfortable because they allow you to keep the open document in view and the keyboard separated.

So are foldable phones worth it?

If you are a technology lover but give your mobile a very basic use, you may need a folding phone.

They are indeed very interesting and colourful devices to which you can add accessories that today are unique, but they can give you much more than that.

Additionally, you must consider that these terminals are more delicate if they fit, so they can be damaged immediately if you work or live in very busy environments.

Physically critical points

If, on the other hand, you are a person who moves with the basics or in a “minimalist” mode —for example, if you think about taking office wherever you want—this may be an excellent time to acquire one.

Of course, keep in mind that the models can evolve quickly in a short time as companies are looking for ways to avoid friction points between the hinge and the fold, the key that gives this class of terminals its essence.

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