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Dropbox Centralizes Files, Tools, And Teams

Dropbox has introduced a new integrated workspace. This new version of the platform is the biggest change to the user interface that the company has made in its entire history. With updates to the desktop, dropbox.com, and mobile app, users will have a simpler workspace designed to centralize files, scattered tools, and teams. The update includes preliminary access to a new desktop application designed to make the workspace easier to access.

“At work, resources are often scattered. Files are spread across devices, cloud, and hard drives. We work with applications that do not connect, and this makes teamwork difficult,” says Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox. “We have focused on eliminating the friction that occurs when working, pooling all resources in a new way. This new Dropbox eliminates distractions and improves concentration at work”.

Content centralization

The new Dropbox centralizes cloud-based files on the platform’s file system, providing a centralized location for all content. This is possible with all content and also includes the following:

  • Cloud-based content like Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentations that users can create, open, and share without leaving Dropbox. Microsoft Office files can also be accessed with both Office Online and Google Docs.
  • Shortcuts to web content link to productivity tools such as Trello boards, wiki pages, articles, and news. In this way, users can now create and save shortcuts to web content and other traditional files.

In addition, the Dropbox icon in both the Windows system tray and the macOS menu bar has been updated. The idea is to make it easier to track the status of shared content, quickly access the most important files, and create content from Dropbox. Users can also check the team’s activity thread to keep updated with updates to the content being shared.

Centralization of tools

The new version of Dropbox connects the favourite tools of many users so that they spend less time switching from one application to another and more doing their work. Last year the company launched Dropbox Extensions, a series of integrations that allow you to go through the workflow from start to finish (such as signing contracts or adding comments to videos) without leaving Dropbox. Starting today, users can also:

  • Start conversations and send files to Slack channels directly from Dropbox, easily share documents from those conversations.
  • Join Zoom meetings or add people, plus present files directly from Dropbox.
  • Check what is shared in Slack and Zoom with the possibility of seeing all this activity together with the Dropbox files themselves.

This new Dropbox eliminates distractions and improves concentration at work.

The company has also entered into a strategic alliance with Atlassian. In the coming months, companies will develop integrations on both platforms to help teams easily organize, coordinate, and carry out their projects.

Centralization of equipment

The new desktop app, available from the preview, has improved desktop, mobile and web functionality to provide a rich workspace for teams. Users can do all of this:

  • Mark files to appear at the top of a folder to make the most important content easier for anyone with permission.
  • Add folder descriptions, so everyone has context about the files they see.
  • Create to-do lists at the top of the folder.
  • @mention team members to keep an eye out for folder descriptions or to-do lists.
  • Stay up-to-date on file activity, such as the content shared to Slack and Zoom from any device.
  • See who has viewed your files with the Reader Information feature now available in the desktop app.
  • Add comments to shared content on desktop, mobile and web.

“It’s becoming more and more common to work with cloud-based archives and professional online applications, which can be overwhelming as we feel like our resources are scattered,” says Marci Maddox, an analyst at IDC, as well as head of research and strategy officer. of company content. “This new version of Dropbox offers a centralized and modernized workspace where users can access all their files (whether they are cloud-based or traditional files), integrate their favourite tools, and better coordinate with team members. It is the first time that someone natively integrates these new ways of working in one place”.

All Dropbox users can subscribe to this new version of the desktop app through the preview program. On the other hand, administrators can subscribe to their teams through the administration console. The rest of the functions will be implemented and available to the rest of the users in the coming weeks.

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