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Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Every year, new trends appear, and 2022 will be no exception. Last year, it was TikTok, a social network taken by storm by Generation Z. What will be the flagship application of this new year? What are the trends? We carry stock with you in this article.

Video marketing to make a difference

If you have just created your business and requested a KBIS extract on Infogreffe, you may already be interested in implementing digital marketing. To do so, know that video marketing is on the rise this year. All companies should pay attention to this to stand out from the competition. Thus, recent data shows that most customers have already shared a brand’s video with others. Video marketing, therefore, helps to improve a company’s customer experience and conversion rate. Along these same lines, the rise of smartphones is influencing videos and increasing their use. Thus, it’s a safe bet that the use of online video editors will see a further rise.

Marketing automation, the trend to watch in 2022

The other trend to watch this year is marketing automation. Thus, data-driven marketing campaigns are expected to be used more, regardless of industry. This process, also known as marketing automation, makes it possible to predefine scenarios for marketing campaigns. Among the best-known functionalities, we find the possibility of triggering promotional campaigns via email or SMS, according to a visitor’s behaviour on a company’s site.

Automation helps specialists spend less time on repetitive tasks. It is then possible to better identify promising leads to improve conversion rates. Another benefit of this process is that it lets you know which prospect opened an email and whether they clicked on it or not. Therefore, an effective way to optimize communication campaigns and make them more effective and impactful when customers are always wiser. Automation marketing is also a way to establish a relationship with the consumer.

Towards an end to cookies?

Google recently announced the end of cookies by 2023. Information should alert digital marketers since this is a big step forward from the search engine. This should also impact the way professionals implement various strategies to reach their target audience.

It must be said that since the implementation of the GDPR, user privacy has been essential. Internet service providers and search engines continually try to optimize the user experience.

Cookies are small text files placed on the hard drive of an Internet user when he browses a site. They allow the latter server to recognize the machine used and offer the possibility of accessing a personalized page without identifying themselves. But today, it is already possible to deactivate cookies and tracking. If they disappeared utterly, marketing professionals would have to think of new solutions to know users better and target their behaviour.

Evermore qualitative content

Content has an important place in digital marketing, which should continue this year. Professionals will have to focus on producing quality content while keeping it simple.

You should know that most Internet users are concerned about the uniqueness and quality of content. However, there is no obligation to publish every day, as long as you remain in line with your editorial line and the brand image of your company. The objective, therefore, remains to produce content that is both inspiring and fun for the audience you are targeting. Make sure it’s informative and relevant.

How to produce quality content?

To do so, here are some tips. First, you’ll need to define the web content goals. Why do you want to produce content? Take the time to identify your target and determine the tone best suits your communication. The next step will be to carry out a study on the keywords that you will need to use that will allow you to optimize your natural referencing. You will then have to make a production plan and create your content while respecting the basic rules of SEO.

To conclude

Marketers are likely to evolve their approach and strategy this year. They will have to find a way to create quality content while looking for new solutions to follow in the digital footsteps of customers. It should not be forgotten either that users remain more demanding, and companies may have to adapt to new methods and strategies of digital advertising.

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