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The Apps That Cannot Be Missing In Your Car With Carplay

Cars increasingly offer us greater integration with technology and therefore many times we also need applications as we do commonly on the smartphone. Previously we already knew which were the best apps to install in Android Auto the mobile system of the popular operating system and now we do the same with the apps for CarPlay, the Apple system integrated into cars together with the mobile.

We are going to recommend a series of apps that you should not lose sight of, with which you can get more out of technology. In this case, some of the best apps are developed by Apple and will come standard on your iPhone so you will not have to do anything more than telling the car to your mobile and open the app to enjoy it.

Best Apps for CarPlay

Before starting the surrender we must know how to get all the apps, which are available in the App Store. In case you did not know, we do not have to install it in the car, but on the mobile from the app store and once we link the mobile with the integrated system at night, we can enjoy them without any problem.

This system can work via cable or with wireless CarPlay via Bluetooth, although not all cars still offer this functionality.

Apple Maps, the default app

The first app that we cannot fail to recommend to use together with CarPlay is Apple Maps, which already comes standard on iPhones and allows full integration in cars with CarPlay. It will be very easy to interact with it from the screen, taking us to our favorite places by the shortest routes and offering unbeatable integration at all times.

The search using Siri is also integrated into this app and offers recognition that makes it easier to find gas stations at the right time or to find that lost place with our car.

  • Download Apple Maps on iPhone for CarPlay

Google Maps, a more than recommended alternative

Although it belongs to Google, the best-known alternative app in CarPlay compared to Apple Maps is Google Maps, which surpasses it in a number of data and information in real-time since it has a larger database. It is an app for iPhone that should not be lacking to choose the one we prefer at all times.

In this case, its integration does not reach the level of Apple Maps, but it is more than good in most situations and will offer us the information we need and the best directions on the road through voice combined with a design clean on screen.

  • Download Google Maps on iPhone for CarPlay

Waze, the social driving assistant

Beyond the well-known map apps for CarPlay that we have seen so far, there is Waze, an app that benefits from users and their interactions to create a more advanced system in certain aspects.

The directions and information are closely linked to Google Maps by taking the same base, but when there is a problem on the road Waze allows us to notify other travelers and they will do it with us in the same way. It also offers a great interaction for traveling in a group with other cars and not getting lost.

  • Download Waze on iPhone for CarPlay

Spotify, the most widespread platform

Listening to music onboard the car is something more than usual and leaving aside the classic radios for a moment, we have Spotify at our disposal as it is a widely used app

This app offers us a good integration into Apple CarPlay, although it faces a rival that iPhone users also prefer in many situations.

  • Download Spotify on iPhone for CarPlay

Apple Music, the best integrated

This is the other alternative to Spotify, which offers an equally wide music library, although, several with a system that is developed by Apple itself, it offers us a better result in basic aspects such as using the voice to change songs with Siri or to modify the playlist with the screen.

  • Apple Music on iPhone for CarPlay

Audible, books on board the car

Finally, if we prefer to listen to a good audiobook in the car instead of music, we can opt for Audible, which is an app that integrates into Apple CarPlay in a very simple way.

We can continue to enjoy our books in the car while we return from work and for a moment we are not aware of the news on the radio.

  • Download Audible on iPhone for CarPlay

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