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Alexa For The Elderly: Easy Actions And Possibilities

The virtual assistants are here to stay and help, but this is not only limited to the young and people linked to technology but also becomes a useful tool for seniors.

Contrary to what many may think, the assistants are not difficult to use and among them, Alexa offers facilities for the elderly that will make them feel more connected to the technological age in which we live.

Although some refuse to learn how to use technology at certain ages, smart speakers like Alexa move screens away and take communication to another level, allowing that just by saying the magic word “Alexa”, one can ask for whatever you need.

Advantages of Alexa for the elderly or elderly

To refer to the positive points that Alexa can add to the elderly, we can base ourselves on the options it offers and the tools it integrates so that with the voice we can take advantage of it.

However, first, we must take a tour of other aspects that the assistant adds, such as the company that can be done in the loneliness of the elderly.

Although a virtual assistant can never impersonate children, grandchildren, or relatives, it is always a great help.

As many studies have shown, it is a companion for the elderly that can help as much as pets, although giving less worry.

They can even be very useful for people who have lost vision or even hearing since the assistant will always be at the desired volume.

Without further ado, we go on to know all those advantages that Alexa offers and the steps to follow to achieve them.

Something in which young people will be key since they are usually in charge of helping to set it up.

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Alexa actions for grandparents’ everyday life

There are several ways to integrate the assistant into the routine of the elderly and among them, one of the most useful without a doubt is the creation of daily reminders.

The assistant can alert with sound and lights on the speaker reminders for medication or other actions that are repeated daily.

With the help of the youngest, you can even create a personalized routine in which when they say good morning to the assistant, they receive information about the weather, the day that is today, or the news, for example.

Making the difficulty easy with the wizard

Another use that can be very useful through Alexa is the facilities it allows.

Just by saying “Alexa, put the radio on” next to your favorite station, it will start playing live without having to go through any other complex steps.

This can also be transferred to music, with musical styles, singers, or a playlist that young people can configure with the help of the mobile app.

In the same way that we have done it to listen to the radio, Alexa can communicate with other people.

For example, allowing calling someone to be as easy as saying “Alexa, call my son Daniel”, and she will do everything else until they answer the phone and start communication.

The integration of multiple microphones and a powerful speaker helps the elderly to communicate smoothly.

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Advanced questions for the elderly

Beyond those quick options and the ones that older people may end up using the most with Alexa, there are many other options built into the assistant.

For example, knowing information about culture, history, or any other data.

This helps to solve television quizzes or as a mere curiosity without having to perform complex searches on the mobile.

In addition, the smart assistant integrates many games that the elderly can also play since it is only necessary to answer questions.

In the same way, Alexa can control home automation, which can make it easier to turn off all the lights so that the elderly do not forget them or even sweep with the help of a smart robot.

The limits of home automation with the elderly are becoming less with the facilities of the assistants.

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