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8 Banks Of Free And Royalty-Free Images

For a magazine, for a website, for a brochure… You need quality photos for everything. And where are they? Stop searching! We bring you the image banks that you wanted in your favourites folder.

How many times have you gone crazy looking for that photo? That photo that goes well fills that box with crosses waiting to be completed with a good image that illustrates what you are talking about. The photo that is not badly framed lacks resolution, and the one that does not lack resolution has nothing to do with what you want.

With the invaluable help of the great Juanka Campos, we bring you eight image banks where you can find quality, accessible and royalty-free photos. You may not find precisely the one you were looking for either, but at least in the future, you will have more to choose from.

1. Unsplash

A bank of images focused on urban and natural landscapes, although much more of the former. Add ten new photos every week. The licenses of use are among the most extensive that we can find.

2. Pixabay

An extensive catalogue of images can be searched by colours, dimensions, orientation, categories… You can also find videos and vectors, although the power is in the pictures. You can search in any language, but, as always, you will get more results with words in English.

3. Pexels

A catalogue with more than 10,000 public domain photos incorporates 1,500 new images per month. We can browse colours from an image, and you do not need to register to download them.

4. Stock Snap

They search the Internet for free images to add to their catalogue, which is why their number of photographs increases significantly weekly. No registration is required to download, and it also has an online editor for quick image changes.

5. Little Visuals

This website is the personal project of a photographer. Sadly, Nick passed away suddenly at 26 in 2013, so the collection will never grow. However, we still have all the photos he uploaded in weekly packs. In addition, the fact that the author is a photographer with his style shows in the personality of his images.

6. Gratisography

If you want something different, this is your website because the photos are as far from the typical as you can imagine. Like the previous one, it is a personal project by Ryan McGuire, so quantity is not the web’s strong point, but just because of the personality of the photos, it is well worth having it in your favourites bar.

7. Life of Pix

One of the most exciting aspects of this image bank, besides the fact that you don’t have to register to download, is that they upload the newly available photos to your Instagram account, so you can be informed of more or less that is available. They also have a secondary page to download royalty-free videos; everything is run by the Canadian agency Leeroy.

8. New Old Stock

A work of recovery and maintenance of the visual heritage is to be appreciated. The web does not have much mystery; as a blog, the photos scroll one after another. Watch out! The seeker is shy and hidden, but he appears by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top left. Don’t get lost in this black and white sea. After this post, you will no longer have excuses to put a good photo in the corresponding little hole!! Thousands and thousands of photos to search through.

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