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Will The Metaverse Benefit Digital Marketing?

Until very recently, the metaverse was a term associated more with science fiction than with the real world.

However, a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced his intentions to focus the entire world of Meta and its associated platforms on this virtual world, and we have not stopped reading and hearing about it. Even the concept was one of the star topics during the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, one of the most significant technological events in the world.

Faced with such a “meta version” invasion, the question arises as to whether it will only be a trend that will end in nothing more than talk or if it will be integrated into people’s lives as many other technologies have done.

Everything seems to indicate that it will be the latter and that it will affect and change how we do many things, including digital marketing.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse itself is not a technology but a concept across various technologies. We could define the metaverse as a virtual world parallel to the physical world in which users use an avatar to interact with the environment and other users.

It is also possible to “travel” between spaces; just as we visit websites on the Internet, we can see different platforms in the metaverse.

In this digital universe, we will be able to organize a party, buy or sell things, get together, work, or socialize. That is why digital marketing in the metaverse has enormous potential for brands.

Will the metaverse itself be a digital marketing platform?

As we well know, digital marketing needs interaction, and the metaverse is a perfect setting for this. The COVID-19 pandemic has already been preparing us for what is to come. And is that in these two years, many conventions, events, and meetings had to be held virtually.

The good results that we have seen with virtual events show us that the metaverse will be with us for a long time and that, although it is just taking off, it will be pretty interesting for digital marketing.

The opportunities offered by the metaverse to online marketing

Close experiences with the audience

The metaverse allows creating your own space in which to organize events and brand campaigns. Both allow building a bridge with customers by offering them an immersive and closer experience.

Immersive shopping experience

If you have an online store, the metaverse can allow you to level up. Customers will be able to virtually walk in it and interact with other customers from the comfort of their homes. This translates into more opportunities to close the sale and better engagement marketing.

Luxury fashion brands like Gucci are already using virtual reality to allow customers to try on clothes virtually, and Amazon is working on a similar concept.

More and better content marketing

The metaverse offers unlimited opportunities to create new and more engaging content. We have the chance to create content with blogs, newsletters, or videos. Still, this new scenario proposes a new catalogue of content with new environments and 3D experiences that show the same as before but in a new way.

It’s still a concept, but what a concept!

We are still talking about a concept, but it will be one of the most significant technological and social changes in recent years, together with the Internet, social networks, and mobile technology.

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