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What Is Branded Content, And What Are The Advantages For Your Brand

Do you know what branded content is? Also known as branded content, this technique from the marketing world will help you get users to understand your brand values and create a positive image.

What is branded content?

Branded content is a marketing strategy that uses content to disseminate and generate the brand image, getting users to associate particular values with the brand while consuming them.

To better understand the definition of branded content, it does not seek to advertise its products or what appears in the contents (that would be product placement) but consists of creating content linked to the brand’s values that is useful and relevant to the user or serves as entertainment.

For example, Leroy Merlin created on his website a series of DIY video tutorials to teach users advice on their home renovations. Other more original ones like El Corte Inglés created a whole web series with influencers to spread on Instagram that had two seasons.

Characteristics of branded content

  • Brand-centric: The meaning of branded content translates to “branded content,” It focuses exclusively on the brand promoting its vision and values above any product or service it offers. It seeks to generate vision and notoriety in the brand, leaving aside sales.
  • Valuable for the user: it seeks to create high-value content for users who want to consume it naturally.
  • Emotional connection: use emotions to show and convince users trying to find an emotional connection that makes the brand stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • Adaptable to different formats: it is usually flexible content, easily adaptable to different formats. The most common are videos, podcasts, events, images or video games.

Keys to applying branded content in your strategy

Correctly identify the profile of customers

The essential part of any branded content campaign is to identify the profile of the customers you want to target and study their tastes or customs. This is essential to develop appropriate content focused on the vision and interests of users.

It also allows you to understand what content they consume, such as ebooks, videos, informative articles, podcasts, etc., and where they consume it, on social networks, TV, mobile apps, etc. If you do not take this into account, it can be very complicated to create interesting content for the audience.

Choosing the right channels

We must choose the most appropriate channels based on the profile created previously, taking into account the importance of each one for the users we want to reach. For example, younger users tend to use more social networks like TikTok, and older users spend more time watching TV. We will have to consider this to know which is the best channel to spread the campaign.

Create original and interesting content for the user

You have to generate high-value content that moves away from more traditional advertising. It must attract the user for its interest, avoiding forcing its impact and interaction. It can be informative and useful content or entertainment, as long as it suits what the user wants.

Use of storytelling

It seeks to tell stories in which users feel represented, creating an emotional connection with people to generate that brand image.

Advantages of its implementation in your marketing strategy

Position the brand in the minds of customers

The content generated in branded content campaigns encourages users to associate ideas and values with the brand, which helps to be recognized and remembered and maintain a positive image in the user’s mind. This can benefit your purchase decision by making you opt for the brand against the competition.

Increase the loyalty rate

Branded content actions generate a relationship of trust with the client, facilitating their involvement in the brand’s culture and values. This increases the chances that you will make a purchase again and consider the brand as one of your consumption habits.

It helps attract new customers

Although branded content campaigns are not focused on attracting new customers, if the content generated is of high interest to users, it is easy to attract users interested in what you offer, thus helping grow your customer base.

The great potential of formats and channels

It does not have to be an action with a very high budget; there is a wide variety of content formats that users can search for or that may interest them. For example, ebooks, courses, tutorials, articles, videos, images for social networks, etc. In addition, they can be broadcast through different channels; it is not necessary to limit yourself to just one.

Minimally invasive advertising

Branded content reaches the user naturally, as it does not try to sell or promote any product. This makes it non-invasive and avoids generating adverse reactions that cause other types of digital advertising to be more annoying for the user.

As you already know what branded content is, you can recognize that it is a good strategy if you want to create a connection with users and that they identify with your brand, understand their values, and make an affinity.

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