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What Are The Most Important Metrics For Your Website Traffic?

Knowing the scope of digital marketing techniques used for the company’s growth is of vital importance. In this sense, web traffic metrics are essential for this type of task when knowing the development of the page. The importance of digital platforms in today’s world cannot be questioned, being one of the most widely used media.

The visits that a company web page has will depend directly on the positioning that it may have within the search engines of the network. Applying the best strategies to achieve this objective, the next step will be to analyze the data obtained to know the scope of these methods.

What is understood as web traffic metrics? The application of this concept will improve the visits to your website.

It refers to the analysis and use of different data that support or not the efficiency of the methods used for the company’s development. Through these types of strategies, the experience and quality of the contracted marketing team will be more fully understood. Thanks to this, the contribution of funds for generating new advertising plans that benefit the Internet site is also promoted.

The parameters used in the web traffic metrics strategies will depend on the objectives we seek to achieve. In the same way, knowing the company’s limitations, these measures will vary, taking the respective necessary considerations. Therefore, the investment in the use of these tools will not bring more than benefits that will be reflected in the growth of the page.

There are two types of measures depending on the objective sought

When planning the best marketing plans, there is always a debate on the focus of these strategies. Being more specific, social and business metrics are how to classify these methods depending on the purpose you want to achieve.

Social web traffic metrics

The main way they use to achieve their methods is through social networks. It is not a surprise how useful this type of site has when publicizing both a product and a company. The web traffic metrics that are most interpreted on these platforms are the following:

  • Scope: refers to the impact of the content generated to increase potential visits to the Internet site.
  • Feedback: Feedback demonstrates the commitment that users have towards applied marketing techniques. These measures are represented through the interactions available on the page.
  • Followers: in terms of web traffic metrics, this value represents the number of people who value and follow the published content.

Business web traffic metrics

This type of measurement needs to know the reasons that drive a company to hire this kind of service. The most sought in these commercial strategies is to publicize the product they offer to increase their sales. Some of the parameters that are sought are the following:

  • The formulation of the budget
  • Regularity of purchases
  • The total number of sales, as well as its net amount
  • Contract reform

What are the most relevant online marketing measures?

Within the wide world of digital marketing, different values stand out for their importance in data analysis. Taking into account what each of these web traffic metrics is will allow the implementation of new techniques to publicize a company.

The cookies

These data created from the visit of a new user are exclusive for each one. They are in charge of storing the data collected from the visitor, although their use requires the person’s permission.


It is one of the most valued parameters since it determines user interaction within the company page. In the same way, the duration in which the person remains on the page is valued, being relevant data for the interest of the content.

Channels used

In terms of web traffic metrics, this value is analyzed to determine the origin of the visits to your Internet portal.

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