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The Untapped Potential Of Robots For The Data Center

Gartner believes that data centers will eventually deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to increase operational efficiency.

The automation capabilities offered by technology will change the data center market, driving its efficiency.

Gartner estimates that half of cloud data centers will deploy advanced robots with artificial intelligence and machine learning by 2025. The result will be a 30% increase in operating efficiency.

These robots will help with tasks that are tedious and complex, such as capacity planning or the sizing of virtual machines and containers, resulting in “a more secure, accurate and efficient environment that requires much less human intervention.”

So what has Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner, adding that “the operations of the data center will only increase in complexity as organizations move workloads different to the cloud,” and as well that promote cloud technologies like the edge or 5G connectivity.

“While robots have already been exploited in industries such as automotive and manufacturing, opportunities in data centers have been overlooked,” says Nag.

“IT leaders can drive intelligent automation of cloud data center operations and processes to create key differentiators for their businesses, such as increased uptime and meeting SLAs for their cloud offerings, that will become a reality through the use of robots,” he adds.

In particular, experts believe that the robots will mainly help with maintenance, remote monitoring for irregularities, and security. They will also allow you to learn from past situations to move towards a better future.

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