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Trends In Website Creation For 2022

2022 presents itself with very interesting innovations in the creation of web pages. Currently, there are nearly 2,000 million web pages globally, and the trends regarding their creation have two very clear objectives: to enhance personalization and improve the user experience.

Minimalist designs

One of the key trends of 2022 in web design is minimalism. Minimalist features and more delicate and clean websites will begin to be valued. Of course, the dynamic elements will remain, but with a neater and less cluttered visual appearance than in the past. In addition, the content will be the main focus of web design, removing elements that distract users and focusing on the essentials.

Bright colours

Although black and white have always been the star colours of the minimalist style, in 2022, the trend will be to break the rules and bet on bright colours. Of course, in a measured and delicate way. This year we will learn how bold and bright colours can also have a presence in minimalist web pages and that this style is not just about using neutral colours.

3D effects

3D technology has more and more fields of application, and one of the trends that are coming with more force this year is that of 3D effects in web design. In 2022 it will peak with abstract graphics and text components that fit perfectly with the style of minimalism.

Smart charging

Neither Google nor users like slow loads, and a website should load at most in 3 seconds. Smart loading goes one step beyond loading speed and is being billed as one of the biggest SEO trends of 2022. Put, it means that, for example, on a contact page, the form loads first, which is what most interests users.

Vintage style

Everything vintage is in fashion, and web design will be a trend throughout 2022. It is not about creating web pages like those that existed in the 2000s but about using designs that use styles and colours identically to the first years of the new millennium. Of course, you always have to do it cheerfully, with bright colours, to evoke the best of past decades.

Personalized content

Little by little, websites are ceasing to be something static. One of the main trends this year in creating web pages is personalized content, which considers the browsing history of offering content 100% adapted to the needs and interests of each user. This type of content is especially important in online stores, as it can be used to display products that are most likely to interest a user and thus increase sales.


In Artificial Intelligence, by 2022, chatbots will evolve at breakneck speed to be much more human. Human learning is increasingly sophisticated, and thanks to it, chatbots can help customers during the purchase process, offering personalized recommendations… Throughout this year, they will be able to interpret user behaviour accurately.

Smart videos

And finally, smart videos. Video is the most consumed format on the Internet, and its popularity has grown exponentially with mobile devices. Throughout this year, different ways of inserting videos into web pages that have a meaning and a purpose will be sought.

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