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The Technological Trends That Are Imposing Themselves This 2022

In the same year, the big consulting firms have accustomed us to increasingly complete reports on technological trends at the first dates. Still, the reality is that these reports are sometimes too visionary for us. Because let’s be clear, except for exceptional conditions, in most cases it goes at a more leisurely pace. For this reason, and given what we have already done in 2022, we wanted to launch a new article on trends, only with prevailing ones. We invite you to read it and share your opinion about it!

In my case, and after examining those reports by Gartner, Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, EY, etc., I have decided to synthesize only the currents that, seeing the progress of this 2022, are having a tangible and realistic corporate impact. Therefore, and although it may surprise you at first, do not expect to find references to metaverses, NFTs, or advanced biometric recognition, since, although it seems that suddenly everyone is on the wave, the reality is quite different, either by its level of development or implementation or for simple legal reasons.

Without further ado, I leave you with the best of what we have in 2022:

1. Smart Working

If in 2021 the protagonist was Teleworking, this 2022 is being Smart Working, the new cultural transformation that has come to stay.

Smart working consists of organizing resources and teams so that each one develops its function where it is most efficient. Sometimes it will be in the corporate office, sometimes at home, sometimes as a digital nomad while travelling, and occasionally on-site, visiting clients, suppliers, or facilities.

2. The Total Experience

It is a business strategy that integrates the worker’s experience, that of the client, that of the user, and, as a novelty, the multi-experience in many points of contact.

The main characteristic of the total experience is that it promotes greater trust, satisfaction, loyalty, and promotion of customers and employees, offering comprehensive management of experiences. This combination of all the “Xs” will mark the potential to improve business results, accelerating growth.

3. Smart environments

Smart infrastructures are the pillar through which companies, organizations, industries, cities, etc., will sustain their growth. To implement the entire set of improvements that ICTs offer, it is essential that all the actors equip themselves with an organizational structure capable of adopting, executing, and developing the technologies applied to each field.

Infrastructures, therefore, are essential to satisfy the sustainable growth of these environments and generate true competitive advantages. Thanks to adopting this type of Smart infrastructure, settings can take the definitive leap in their digital transformation.

4. Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is the natural evolution of process automation, the latter understood as the mechanization of all those manual and repetitive tasks carried out by the human factor of an organization.

This technological trend, which is expected to have a high degree of acceptance by organizations worldwide, allows the automation of any business process based on advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Automation of Processes (RPA).

The results derived from the implementation of this technology are evident:

  • Time reduction in the production cycle
  • Suppression of human intervention in manual processes
  • Improvements in decision making
  • Elimination of errors linked to the human factor
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness of the organization
  • And increased employee satisfaction by having to perform tasks of more excellent value to the organization.

5. The 5G HS Network

The most relevant fact of 2021 was undoubtedly the rapid deployment of the 5G network throughout the world, especially in Spain.

This deployment in our country is in the NSA phase, that is to say, the first phase of 5G, where the speed increases notably, the latency begins to decrease, and the networks greatly expand their capacity and efficiency, so the probability of suffering the effects of networks congested is much lower in crowded environments.

This year, with the arrival of 5G SA, latency is being reduced much more, and maximum speeds are increasing, creating an environment where new services that are already being worked on will arrive, with innovative solutions for industry and administration.

6. No-Code or Low-Code solutions

Low code platforms constitute one of the technological trends that have democratized access to business-level technology, making it possible for any organization, regardless of its size, activity, or the level of qualification of its employees in digital skills, to represent a hindrance to its process of digital transformation and digitization.

Low code allows you to design multi-platform applications securely in a few minutes and without the need for technical knowledge to improve business procedures internally and externally.

The results of this technological trend are evident:

  • Increased productivity and competitiveness of the organization
  • Flexibility, scalability, time reduction, and the possibility of automation and integration with other platforms and
  • Software

7. The Cybersecurity Mesh

The cybersecurity mesh is a flexible architecture that integrates disparate, distributed security services. It enables the best independent security solutions to work together to improve overall security and protect assets. One of its significant advantages is that it can quickly and reliably verify identity, context, and compliance with cloud and non-cloud policies.

It is one of the big bets of 2022, as it changes the approach of protecting a traditional IT perimeter towards a more modular system that centralizes security. It is expected that in the coming years, it can reduce the economic impact of security incidents by 90%

8. Predictive Analytics

It’s not new to the trending charts, but it deserves to be back in 2022 because predictive analytics tools are changing the game’s rules in every industry.

Predictive Analytics plays a crucial role in data analysis and consolidation of data lakes if we talk about efficiency. It will be at the top of new projects, especially in the IT ecosystem. In addition, it will be crucial to boost IoT technology and cybersecurity.

9. Decision Intelligence

It is also not new in 2022, but the so-called “decision intelligence” gives a crucial practical approach to making decisions to improve them. Its function is to model each decision as a set of processes supported by intelligence and analytics to learn, inform and refine these decisions.

It is the perfect complement to support human decisions and then automates them through augmented analysis, simulations, and Artificial Intelligence.

10. Sustainability

We have left it for last, but not because it is the least important, quite the opposite. It could be classified as a trend in itself that encompasses many others, and in recent months we have seen how there has been a significant change of course in business models.

Many companies have chosen to make small and significant changes, paying particular attention to reducing CO2 emissions (with Blockchain, for example), migrating to the cloud, clean technologies for processes and products, optimizing processes and consumption, recycling, and the importance of metrics, etc.

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