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The New Reality Of Printing Processes

It is a fact that in September and October 2021, there was a massive return to the offices, although this has not been the same in all companies. Some still want to wait and maintain the teleworking model until 2022, others – although perhaps the least – are returning to the 100% face-to-face formula, and a large number of companies have decided to adopt hybrid work, which is already positioned as a reality fully consolidated.

A large part of the printing processes will continue to be done at the employees’ homes.

This new reality has a substantial impact on all business processes, and printing in office environments is one of them. And it is that, although everything points to a recovery of this activity, it is very likely that it will not recover the levels to which it was accustomed before the pandemic, since a large part of the printing processes will continue to be done at the homes of the employees.

It must be considered that the printing volumes will be distributed among more locations (printers). Companies will make their purchase decisions towards compact professional printing equipment, with a lower acquisition cost and more aligned with their current needs.

Equipment such as the Brother MFCJ5955DW and MFC J6955DW multifunction printers, which, in addition to printing in different sizes up to A3, adapt to the evasion of environments with varying levels of printing, can use long-lasting cartridges that reduce waste and avoid having to replace consumables Constantly. On the other hand, they are equipped with low energy consumption, which lowers the companies’ electricity bills.

In addition, we are talking about solutions that can be purchased through a managed print services contract. This tool has accelerated its growth due to the pandemic since companies consider it key to digital transformation. And it is that managed printing services adapt to any circumstance, even to a global health crisis like the one we are still experiencing. That is why they have given rise to new printing models, such as hyper distributed printing, the most efficient for controlling the large number of devices that companies currently have to manage and deploy in a more significant number of locations.

We have been talking for a long time about ‘new normality, which is no longer so unique, and is present in all aspects of our professional life – and also personal –giving rise to new realities – such as hybrid work –, which have impacted all business processes. Now tasks, such as printing, have to adapt to the circumstances, so companies must deploy a strategy in which managed print services are the protagonists. Only then can they guarantee the continuity of their business.

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