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The Buyer 3.0: A New Concept

Digitization invites consumers to familiarize themselves with new consumption models.

The way of selling has evolved throughout history, but this change has been accelerated in recent months of confinement. The retail sector is committed to omnichannel and stimulates adaptation to the digital world. The boom in online shopping has led to a new consumer profile: buyers 3.0. Next, we explain the main characteristics and advantages that you should know about the 3.0 consumer to capture their attention and increase your sales.

The main features of the buyer 3.0


With the pandemic’s arrival, many consumers have gone digital. They have decided to make their purchases in e-commerce, covering different age ranges, from the youngest to the elderly. The buyer can buy from any channel, online and offline; for this reason, the store has to adapt to offer the best experience during the process. In both the online and offline world, customer loyalty remains key as it will help attract more customers. You will get your users to repeat their purchases with good service.

Very informed buyer

The buyer 3.0 can access all kinds of information related to their purchase, from the product rating and testimonials from other customers to treating the personal data entered during the process. To boost sales, it is necessary that the merchant, on the conditions page, clearly informs about the shipping costs, type of returns, and payment conditions.

Powerful Client (Price Comparability)

The abundance of online shopping platforms allows customers to contrast and compare the prices offered by different stores for the products of their interest without leaving their chairs. It should be borne in mind that many customers regret it at the last moment and do not buy because they decide to opt for other options. That is why it is crucial that companies develop personalized marketing campaigns according to the target, differentiate themselves, obtain a competitive advantage over others, avoid cart abandonment and optimize sales.

Most demanding buyer

Ecommerce offers multiple advantages, but payment can be a bit dizzying. The consumer is more reluctant when entering the most personal data, especially those of the card. It is vital to have a secure payment method such as Instant Credit from Consumer Finance, which complies with all legal guarantees of transparency and security, trustworthy for the buyer and the business.

Need to buy online

Confinement has led to a change in habits among the population over 55 years of age, previously less accustomed to eCommerce, who have begun to buy products online out of necessity and fear of contagion. You have verified that the purchase process is safe and comfortable, and you have a much wider variety of products without moving.

Speed, efficiency, and effectiveness

Thanks to the growing trend of e-commerce, the user no longer has to move to go shopping, saving time, transport, and management costs. Offering methods such as payment in installments is a potent tool to increase sales since it increases the purchasing power of consumers.

Payments adapted to the needs of the consumer

E-commerce increasingly offers functionalities more adapted to buyers. The flexibility in payments stands out, allowing consumers to pay for their purchases how and when they want, using financing methods such as easy installments with a 100% online process, instantaneous and without the need to provide documentation.

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