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New Trends In Hotel Technology In 2021

Technology evolves unstoppably in all areas of society, improving our lifestyle and modifying consumer habits. How could it be otherwise, this reality also affects one of the most important sectors in the economy: tourism. To illustrate, in this post we review which will be the most prominent technology trends for hotels in 2021.

Digital keys

In times of coronavirus, it is best to avoid any social interaction as much as possible. For this reason, the incorporation of contactless technology to check-in online and access hotel rooms autonomously, using digital keys housed in a smartphone app, has become a necessity.

For this, it is essential to install electronic locks in hotel rooms. In this way, clients will be able to comfortably access their stay with their mobile phone via Bluetooth or, if they prefer, by typing a personalized numeric password previously sent by email. This same technology can also be applied to the entrance to common areas through access and presence control systems.

Management software

The computer programs specialized in the management of hotels and tourist accommodation offer the possibility of centralizing the day-to-day organization of the establishments, controlling from anywhere fundamental aspects of their daily operation and customer service.

These software systems operate through a smartphone app and a network of Gateways, facilitating the remote management of guests’ demands in real-time, as well as the opening of rooms and common areas from the point where the control computer is located, providing agile and efficient room service.

Home automation

Taking care of energy savings in the facilities is one of the key points to optimize the economic results figures at the end of the year. In this sense, home automation systems make it possible to automate energy management through convenient and practical devices, such as energy savers that work with MiFare proximity cards or presence, door, and window sensors, which limit electricity consumption to strictly limited time. necessary.

DND systems

DND (” Do Not Disturb” ) systems allow customers to communicate their preferences to hotel employees comfortably and without travel. They only have to mark on the panel located inside their room if they want the people in charge of cleaning to access the room or not. This decision will be reflected on a screen placed in the corresponding corridor.

Safes with Bluetooth

It is important to note that tourists often carry important documentation such as passports or airline tickets, as well as other valuables such as laptops or jewelry. For this reason, the installation in the hotel rooms of electronic safes with Bluetooth opening provides extra security that customers will value positively when recommending the establishment.

Quality wifi

Although many tourist accommodations have offered internet in their facilities for years, unfortunately, the quality of the connection does not always reach all points, despite being one of the most demanded aspects by guests. Therefore, adapting the network installation to ensure its availability in all rooms will be essential to make a difference and consolidate in the market in 2021.

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