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Keys For Recording The Working Day Before Teleworking

As a consequence of the situation caused by COVID-19, many companies have had to take advantage of teleworking to ensure their productivity. Faced with this new work modality, some uncertainty arises about correctly carrying out the Presence Control that the law requires to register daily.

Below we will try to give you the answers you need so that you can carry out this legal requirement efficiently.

What tools help carry out face-to-face control?

It is indisputable that this new situation brings with it certain insecurity for the vast majority of companies since it multiplies the difficulty of keeping reasonable control and record of the workers’ working hours. Today we will show you some keys to improve and have a closer and more precise control.

To facilitate the correct face-to-face control, you must remember that the priority will be to integrate the data collection as much as possible into a single tool. Not only is it enough to have good Human Resources software, but you must also consider other aspects that will determine the effectiveness in controlling the working day:

1. Automated attendance sheet

It is vital to continue using the registration form since it will be the one that allows us to have access to the working hours of our staff. There are multiple ways to take these files to the field online or in the Cloud, but you must remember that they must be updated in real-time and adjusted to the schedule of each worker.

2. Integration in HR management

Registering the day will give us access to data on the productivity and efficiency of our workers. That is why it is necessary to have good software that allows us to make reports and view data quickly.

With a good tool, we can organize shifts and schedules more efficiently, making possible changes and making the workload more flexible to maximize productivity.

3. Control data security

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects is to have tools that allow you to work in the Cloud and manage different permissions for workers so that they can identify themselves within it.

This will allow you to access all information in a controlled manner and help workers carry out their duties safely and comfortably from any device.

4. Ability to manage in a decentralized manner

It is important to work with tools that allow information to be broken down and to work in such a way that each team and each environment can have different management. This will make it possible to visualize the various processes and jobs more efficiently and will make it possible to establish other guidelines and actions to follow.

5. Maximize reliability and control in real time

Perhaps the most important part is collected at this point. It is important to add a tool capable of visualizing the work in a unified and immediate way to enhance the previous issues.

Another advantage of working in the Cloud is having access to the work of each staff member and facilitating “feedback” and communication, allowing you to work more reliably and efficiently.

In short, having a tool capable of carrying out these functions is vital if you want to ensure time control and keep a good record of the working day to comply with the requirements demanded by law.

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