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Instagram Explains How The Algorithm Works For Reels

More than a year after launching its new video format, Instagram tries to convince content creators to use Reels. For now, the social network wants to highlight this type of short video content (up to the 1-minute maximum) as creative and easy to consume by Internet users.

The factors that determine the reach of a Reel on Instagram

Instagram creator’s account will only publish a post entitled “How the ranking algorithm works for reels.” The post covers three topics: the factors that drive Reels, behavioural analysis, and the elements that impact video content reach.

To determine which Reels to show to a user on Instagram, the social network is based on factors that indicate the probability that the user:

  • Watch the Reel from start to finish,
  • Such as video content,
  • Write a comment under the Reel,
  • Click on the video’s audio to create a Reel with the same music.

In addition, the social network also revealed the four signals that have the most weight when it comes to increasing the reach of a Reel:

  • The activity of the Internet user, observing which Reels have recently liked and commented on and with what type of content the user reacts,
  • The history of interactions between a content creator and the subscriber,
  • Information about the Reel, such as the music used, the dimensions of the video (based on pixels and image size), the popularity of the Reel,
  • Information about the creator of the Reel and the interactions it generates with its community.

Factors that decrease the reach of a Reel on Instagram

Among the elements that limit the scope of the videos:

  • Low-resolution reels, as well as content that contains watermarks (such as TikTok videos posted to Instagram, for example),
  • Videos dealing with political issues,
  • Reels are posted by political figures or parties, as well as governments.

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