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Individual Google Workspace For eCommerce: Discover Its Functions

Google didn’t want to let its flagship enterprise tool be relegated to use by large corporations and multi-member workgroups. That is why a little over a year ago, they launched Google Individual Workspace to offer freelancer entrepreneurs a comprehensive solution to run their businesses.

Until now, this subscription modality was only available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and Australia. But we have good news for you as Google Workspace Individual is now available in Europe, specifically in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Today we tell you everything you need to know to use this powerful tool in your eCommerce business and optimize your workflow to the maximum in an “all in one” environment.

Google Workspace improvements

But what makes the Google Workspace suite different from free Google tools like Calendar or Meets?

Well, what you get in this business version is maximum customization of all its features, plus some premium settings that help professionalize your small business, all for a reasonably modest price.

Here is a summary of the improvements:

  • Possibility of ‘live’ transmission from Google Meet to YouTube to connect more directly with your audience.
  • Improved appointment scheduling, customizable reminders, and other advanced settings.
  • Integration of Google Documents in Google Meets to display live files while the meeting takes place more seamlessly.
  • More customizable videoconferences, with surround backgrounds and all kinds of extras.
  • I am sending e-mail marketing campaigns with advanced features.
  • Branding across all Google Workspace modules.
  • Features Google Workspace Individual for eCommerce
  • If you run e-commerce on your own, you should know that with Google Workspace Individual, you can have many premium tools in one package at your disposal.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Analysis of petabytes in spreadsheets: you will be able to understand which products are selling better and thus be able to make strategic decisions in this regard.
  • Streamlined collaborations: Whether with your suppliers or marketing partners, with Google Meets and the merger with Google Docs, your meetings and collaborations will be more fluid and efficient. You can share ideas in the same document, modify them, add annotations, and then comment on them at the next meeting.
  • Security and protection in an ‘all in one: with Google Workspace, you can have all your company documents, files, campaigns and ideas in one place, all under the highest Google security and protection standards.
  • Control of stock, purchases, shipments and much more: the versatility of the Workspace package will allow you to control everything that happens in your business and capture it in one place.

Last conclusions

Is Google Workspace Individual worth it for your eCommerce business? For us, yes, and these are the main reasons why we recommend this tool:

  • It offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for a very low price: the subscription costs €8.99 per month, with a 14-day trial period, which is very suitable for a small business. You would pay much more if you had to hire these features separately.
  • It’s customizable: the most interesting thing about the professional version of Google Workspace tools is the possibility of fully customizing the environment, giving it a professional brand image.
  • ‘All in one solution, safe and practical: there is nothing more practical than having everything related to our business in one place, with the possibility of accessing it from any device. Of course, without forgetting the importance of data protection and security.

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