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How To Open BIN Files On Both Computer And Android

What is bin file:

How To Open BIN files on both computer and Android devices involves distinct processes tailored to each platform. Before delving into the detailed steps, let’s revisit what a “.bin” file is. Essentially, a “.bin” file is a binary file capable of containing various data types. It often serves as a compressed file housing binary data, with one common use being for disc images that replicate the content of a disc. However, interpreting “.bin” files requires knowledge of the specific data they contain and the corresponding software for access. It’s worth noting that not all “.bin” files are intended for direct reading or viewing, and attempting to open them with a simple text editor might not yield the desired results.

How to Open a BIN File:

1. Insert a Blank Disc:

Place a blank disc into your computer’s disc drive, ensuring it has enough space for the BIN file contents.

2. Locate a CUE File:

Search for a related CUE file, usually found in the same folder as the BIN file. The CUE file provides the organization of tracks on a CD or DVD.

3. Choose a Burning Program:

Find a disc-burning program that supports BIN and CUE formats. Install and run the chosen program, selecting the blank disc.

4. Load the BIN or CUE File:

Depending on the software, load either the BIN or CUE file into the burning program. Confirm that you’ve selected the correct file for burning.

5. Initiate Burning:

Choose the “burn” option within the program. Be patient as the program copies the contents of the BIN or CUE file onto the blank disc. Avoid cancelling or ejecting the disc during this process.

6. Test the Disc:

Once the burning process is complete, remove the disc and test it by opening it in your computer’s folders. Use your media player to ensure the BIN file’s contents were successfully transferred to the disc.

This process is particularly relevant for BIN files associated with disc images. Keep in mind that the popularity of BIN files has decreased, and there are various file formats available for different purposes. If your BIN file serves another function, such as containing generic binary data, you might need alternative methods to open or interpret it based on its specific use case.

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How to Open a BIN File on Android:

Method 1: Opening BIN Files as Text via File Manager

Unlock Your Android Device:

  • Double-tap the screen or press the power button to unlock your Android device.

Access File Manager:

  • Tap the app drawer or start button on your home screen to access your apps.
  • Locate and tap the File Manager icon to explore your storage folders.

Locate the BIN File:

  • Navigate to the folder containing the BIN file you want to open.

Attempt to Open the File:

  • Tap on the BIN file to check if it opens with the default settings.

Alternative Opening Method:

  • If the default method doesn’t work, long-press the file, then click the three dots (usually at the right corner).
  • Select the “Open as Text” option from the menu.

Use Third-Party Apps:

  • If your File Manager doesn’t support opening BIN files natively, consider installing a third-party file browser or text viewer app from the Google Play Store, such as MiXplorer or Note Editor.

Method 2: Opening BIN Files from Settings

Access Settings:

  • Open your Android device and click on the App drawer.

Navigate to Storage Settings:

  • Scroll down to find and click on the “Settings” app.
  • Scroll further down to locate and click on “Storage.”

Locate the BIN File:

  • Explore either the phone storage or the removable storage device icon to find the BIN file.

Open as Text:

  • Long-press the file and click the three dots at the right corner to access options.
  • Select “Open as Text” from the available options.

Programs for Viewing and Editing BIN Files on Android:

If there’s a need to edit BIN files on your Android device, several programs can be employed for this purpose. Some recommended applications include:

Bin Editor:

  • Download a Bin Editor from the Google Play Store by searching for “Bin Editors” and selecting the desired application.

ISO Converters and Extractors:

  • Download ISO Converters or File Extractors from the Google Play Store.

Bin Opener/Viewers/Readers:

  • Download applications labelled as “Bin Opener,” “Bin Viewer,” or “Bin Reader” from the Google Play Store.

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How to Open a BIN File in Chrome:

Opening a BIN file directly in Chrome is not supported due to it being an incompatible file type for the browser. However, you can potentially view the BIN file’s contents by renaming its extension from “.bin” to “.txt” and then using a text editor. Another option is to use programs like 7-Zip that can open and extract BIN files. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Install 7-Zip or a Compatible Program:

If not already installed, download and install 7-Zip or another program that supports BIN files on your computer.

Open With 7-Zip:

  • Right-click on the BIN file and choose “Open With” > “7-Zip” (or the compatible program you installed).

Extract Contents:

  • Within the program, select “Extract Here” or a similar option. Wait for the extraction process to complete (this may take some time).

Browse Extracted Files:

  • Once the extraction is finished, navigate through the extracted files and folders. Look for a file containing data in plain text format, such as *.txt or a similar format.

Open Text File:

  • Open the identified text file using any text editor like Notepad or TextEdit to view its contents without the need for the Chrome browser.

In conclusion

unlocking and accessing various file types on your phone, including BIN files, is made easy through this comprehensive guide. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can swiftly open BIN file formats on your phone without relying on external assistance. This resource offers clear and concise procedures, ensuring you no longer face challenges when dealing with BIN files.

It is crucial to exercise caution when downloading files from online sources or copying them, as they may potentially harbour viruses harmful to your devices. Additionally, if you encounter difficulties opening a file, consider the possibility of corruption and attempt to download the file again for a seamless experience.

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