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Trending Tech: How Is EduTech Playing A Prominent Role In Reshaping Education?

The 2020 pandemic waged war on almost all industries globally. As for the education industry, school doors stayed closed for months after months in complete uncertainty. It was an effort to try and curb the rising spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The UNESCO numbers of school closures reflect how the pandemic’s wrath affected education and learning globally. Around 1.6 billion students in more than 194 countries were impacted by the pandemic.

However, like always, technology intervened in between with large-scale efforts to resume education. That is how EduTech became one of the top technology topics that more and more companies are addressing today. Among the various concerns related to the EdTech sector, safety, privacy, and data protection of students are of top concern.

In this article, learn how the EduTech industry is reshaping education.

EduTech Industry – How did it originate?

‘Classroom education’ has shifted phenomenally in recent times. The education technology (EduTech) industry didn’t come as a savior out of the blue in 2020. It has always focused on shifting learning from memorizing information to a more practical approach: analyzing, learning, grasping concepts, and improvising them.

Being here for at least a decade or more, the EdTech industry did receive an overwhelming response during the core pandemic phase. This was also the time when the arms of the industry were solidified, thanks to all the companies that helped develop the ecosystem.

Was the EdTech Industry always the same as today?

When it all began back a decade ago, it was a sidelined sector because very few people could realize its future potential. It served a simple and straightforward purpose of providing learners education with the help of multimedia content. Internet connection being less accessible and affordable to the mass, the concept of eLearning didn’t quite flourish.

However, in the last 5-6 years, there has been an evolution in the sector. As learners see them today, eLearning solutions are the fruit of the seeds sown in that period. That was the phase when eLearning companies started focusing more on being interactive rather than merely being a pack of some education videos and PPT presentations.

Today, learners get access to live classes, face-to-face meetings with educators, cloud access, online labs, projects, assessments, and so on. This present model is constantly evaluated and looked at for finding better implementations by big tech companies.

Will the EduTech Industry replace Conventional Education?

The eLearning sector, supported and assisted by education technology companies, has come a long way. Its role in reviving education at a time when there was no other way to do so is simply unmatched. Experts in the industry believe that the eLearning landscape will continue to reshape education to make it more engaging and interactive.

However, whether it will completely replace conventional education is still a matter to think about. As far as leveraging technology to create a personalized learning experience is concerned, it is right on track.

Wrapping Up

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