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Facebook Smart Glasses Can Get Facial Recognition

Facebook plans to integrate facial recognition technology into its smart glasses. This function can significantly increase the device’s visibility; you need to see someone on public transport to explore their Facebook profile.

Considering that in this social network there is usually a lot of information about a person: name, where he studied, where he works and worked, what he likes… etc. Many exciting things can be learned about a user by viewing their profile.

Smart glasses are expected to launch this year, and Facebook is working with Ray-Ban to develop them.

However, Facebook is concerned that the power structure is likely to infringe on citizens’ privacy; Declaring this very dangerous on Facebook is a significant potential drawback. Users can see who’s who, but they can also see them. Whether deleting your Facebook profile, or at least the photos, is enough to achieve anonymity remains an open question, ITworld notes. It is also planned to collect user feedback on whether or not people need this feature.

The augmented reality glasses are expected to launch this year, and Facebook is working with Ray-Ban to develop them. Since 2017, Facebook has been studying smart glasses. In 2014, the social network acquired Oculus, an AR and VR equipment developer.

As early as 2017, experts predicted that in 20-30 years, smart glasses would replace mobile phones, be hands-free, and provide access to many other functions. However, as before, the question remains how to fix the implementation of the device for those who already wear glasses to solve some vision problems. In many countries in the Asian regions, about 90% of the population wears glasses. As scientists suggest, by 2050, almost half of the world’s population will suffer from myopia, so glasses will be more than common.

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