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Big Trends In Marketing For 2022

We must always stay one step ahead. We know how to incorporate the latest developments to help our clients design a successful strategy. So now that the year is ending, we share the significant marketing trends for 2022 that you should not lose sight of. And, above all, the keys to incorporating them into each business model.

Five great trends in marketing

1. Super-segmentation

Every time we have more channels. Every time we have at our disposal more criteria to better focus our communication. That’s why, as we say one of the significant marketing trends for 2022 will be super-segmentation. Considering factors such as demographics, interests, searches, latest purchases, web analytics, and a long list of variables, the marketing actions of your company may be better targeted. And therefore, they will be more effective.

2. The power of the voice

According to a Gartner study, in 2020, 30% of interactions with technological devices will be carried out without a screen. How will it be possible? The arrival of smart speakers and assistants, mobile phones for the elderly, virtual reality headsets, and other “screenless” devices will make searches done by voice. Until now, we were talking about SEO (search engine optimization). Now we must also do it from VSO (voice search optimization).

3. Better content

Content has been (and will be) the king of any online marketing strategy. However, with an eye toward 2022, there are several improvements to implement. Having a website with an updated blog is not enough. We must go further. Establish agreements with micro-influencers, reach strategic alliances with other brands, create photographic and audio visual content that adds value.

4. Sustainable vision

It will continue to be a challenge for all companies. 2022 will be the decisive year to integrate the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with the marketing strategy. According to a recent study, 50% of young people can choose or reject a brand based on their social commitment. Specific cases such as Adidas with plastic, Unilever with health, or Ikea with climate change demonstrate this.

5. More global professionals

We believe in human talent. For this reason, we want to add a professional component to our list of the great marketing trends for 2022. Marketing teams will need to be more versatile. In addition to specialists in online sales, design, and marketing, specialized companies must have another type of expert. We are talking about professionals specializing in technology, data analysis, content creation, alliances, and online opportunities development.

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